Pecina brand popcorn was founded in 1990 as the fist and only popcorn brand in the former Yugoslavia, and it remains the leading brand in Serbia today. The company is the continuation of a proud tradition of street popcorn that has existed since the 1970s when the Belgrade Institute developed and even exported hybrid popcorn seed at a time when such seed was rare in Europe

Pecina places a modern twist on this local tradition by combining state of the art technology with the same commitment to customer satisfaction and one on one communication that animated the street tradition.

Today, the company is organized as a franchise making us a group of independent people offering popcorn in a way that complies with the strict standards of the Pecina brand.

We believe that our popcorn is the best without any sort of taste enhancers* due to the special attention we pay to the tenderness and flavor of each and every flake. Due to our desire to deliver the best tasting popcorn possible, we at Pecina have chosen to use sunflower oil rather than more customary oils.

But don’t just take our word for it (or the Washington Post‘s for that matter). Come see us at one of our 9 locations in Belgrade or two locations in Novi Sad and experience our commitment to serving the best tasting popcorn possible yourself.

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“…Just steps beyond the fountain, stop at the Pecina (Cave) stand for the best popcorn in town and continue to the Kalemegdan Park and Fortress…”

Washington Post

*Such spices are ubiquitous in Belgrade and some such as “baked chicken” are surprisingly popular. Although available at our stands for our customer’s satisfaction, we pride ourselves on preparing popcorn with just the right tenderness and flavor rendering such flavorings unnecessary.